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Final 2022 Predictive Mock Draft

After months of rumors and speculation, the 2022 NFL Draft is now under 24 hours away. That means it’s time for my final predictive mock.

This mock has been made as my entry to The Huddle Report’s official mock draft competition. The scoring is as follows: 1 point for every player predicted in the first round who actually goes in the 1st round; and 2 additional points for every player/team match (regardless of the specific pick they were chosen).

Based on that scoring, here is my mock draft. I’ve tried to use game theory to my advantage so some picks may not make complete sense – usually, this means I’m implying a trade-up/down (eg. London at 22), hedging my bets for a certain pick (Ikey/Stingley at 3/13) or trying to fit a player I think will go in the first somewhere but am not quite sure of the exact landing spot. (eg. Lloyd at 31).

With all that said, here’s my mock:

1JAGUARSTravon WalkerEDGEGeorgia
2LIONSAidan HutchinsonEDGEMichigan
3TEXANSDerek Stingley Jr.CBLSU
4JETSJermaine Johnson IIEDGEFlorida State
5GIANTSEvan NealOTAlabama
6PANTHERSCharles CrossOTMississippi State
7GIANTSAhmad GardnerCBCincinnati
8FALCONSKayvon ThibodeauxEDGEOregon
9SEAHAWKSTrevor PenningOTNorthern Iowa
10JETSJameson WilliamsWRAlabama
11COMMANDERSGarrett WilsonWROhio State
12VIKINGSKyle HamiltonSNotre Dame
13TEXANSIkem EkwonuOTNorth Carolina State
14RAVENSGeorge KarlaftisEDGEPurdue
15EAGLESJordan DavisIDLGeorgia
16SAINTSChris OlaveWROhio State
17CHARGERSZion JohnsonIOLBoston College
18EAGLESTrent McDuffieCBWashington
19SAINTSTyler SmithOTTulsa
20STEELERSMalik WillisQBLiberty
21PATRIOTSQuay WalkerLBGeorgia
23CARDINALSDaxton HillSMichigan
24COWBOYSTreylon BurksWRArkansas
25BILLSKyler GordonCBWashington
26TITANSKenny PickettQBPittsburgh
27BUCCANEERSKenyon GreenIOLTexas A&M
28PACKERSLogan HallIDLHouston
29CHIEFSArnold EbiketieEDGEPenn State
30CHIEFSBoye MafeEDGEMinnesota
31BENGALSDevin LloydLBUtah
32LIONSDesmond RidderQBCincinnati
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