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2020 NFL Draft Grades

Months of research and hype has all lead up to the NFL Draft and now that it has come and gone, it’s time to grade each team’s class. These grades are all my opinion and based off the talent and fit I see in each pick. However, I do think about three years in is when you can truly see how each pick has turned out – stay tuned for my next post regrading each pick in the 1st Round of the 2017 NFL Draft. That said, here are my draft grades for every team:

Draft Grade (Number of that grade given in 2019)

A+ Grade – Nearly flawless drafting (0)

  1. Ravens: A+
  2. Cowboys: A+

A Grade – Great drafting, significantly improved team (4)

  1. Broncos: A
  2. Cardinals: A
  3. Vikings: A
  4. Browns: A
  5. Jets: A

A- Grade – Very good drafting (minor faults), significantly improved team (5)

  1. Bills: A-
  2. Bengals: A- 
  3. Giants: A-
  4. Colts: A-
  5. Dolphins: A-
  6. Buccaneers: A-

B+ Grade – Good drafting with one or two faults, improved team (6)

  1. Jaguars: B+
  2. Panthers: B+
  3. Redskins: B+
  4. Lions: B+

B Grade – Good drafting with multiple faults, improved team (6)

  1. Eagles: B
  2. 49ers: B
  3. Titans: B
  4. Chiefs: B

B- Grade – Decent drafting with multiple faults, improved team (2)

  1. Patriots: B-
  2. Falcons: B-
  3. Texans: B-
  4. Saints: B-
  5. Steelers: B-

C+ Grade – Satisfactory drafting with nothing spectacular or questionable decisions (3)

  1. Bears: C+
  2. Raiders: C+

C Grade – Satisfactory drafting with nothing spectacular or questionable decisions (3)

  1. Chargers: C

C- Grade – Subpar drafting with nothing spectacular or many questionable decisions (2)

  1. Rams: C-

D+ Grade (1) – Poor drafting with many questionable decisions (0)

  1. Seahawks: D+


  1. Packers: F

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