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Jerry Jeudy Scouting Report

Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Year: Junior | Height: 6-1 | Weight: 193 | pSPARQ (Combine Percentile): 71.27


Route running is just as good as any NFL receiver out there, he has shown he can run any route and perform any move asked of him nearly perfectly every time. Hands are incredible and catch balls thrown all around him. Seems to manage to come down with a shocking number of balls for his size, demonstrating his physical toughness. His run after catch ability is unparalleled and is the best I’ve seen in a number of years, has elite breakaway speed and crazy jukes, spins and other creative moves you can’t even think of.

Football IQ is extremely good as he has great instincts for the game and is proficient at creating leverage for himself. Additionally his versatility was displayed this past year as he thrived in the significant scheme change from vertical spread to West Coast offense and had absolutely no problems transitioning.

Jeudy’s change of direction skills are elite and stop and start on a dime, footwork in general is astonishing and has a great feel of the sidelines when hauling is outside catches. Electric speed in the open field and in short-area and will go toe-to-toe with anyone out there.

Blocking is consistently good and can make all blocks necessary within reason for someone of his size. Ball tracking is one of his best traits and always seems to be right underneath the ball when it lands.

Finally, the consensus five-star prospect coming out of high school is a hard-working and humble teammate, the NFL will love his intangibles especially for a WR.


Jeudy has a very light and slight frame, meaning his elite elusiveness may decline sooner in his career than expected, blocking could also be negatively affected. He may need to add muscle mass to be as dominant at the next level as some defensive backs may simply overpower him.

Due to the large separation he has created for most of his college career, contested catches could become a problem as we haven’t seen him come down with 50/50 balls very often (due to the rarity of him being in this situation).

Player Summary:

Jerry Jeudy has the skillset to be an elite WR1 at the next level with his ridiculous ability to create separation as well as being able to spin, juke and outrun anyone in his way. He is one of the most electric and polished route runners WR prospects in quite a while. His slight frame will raise some question marks and perhaps could play more of a factor at the next level but for now, Jeudy projects as a true No. 1 WR whose ability to create seperation, run routes and his RAC elusiveness make him a blue-chip prospect with hall-of-famer upside.

Best Trait: Route Running | Worst Trait: Body Frame

Best Role/Scheme Fit: X Receiver – has requisite strength to beat press coverage and be a threat on every level, usually the alpha receiver

Player Comparison: Odell Beckham Jr.

Final Grade: 91.4 | Round Grade: Top 10 Pick

WR Rank: WR-1 | Overall Rank: 6

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