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Jordan Love Scouting Report

Jordan Love, Quarterback, Utah State

Year: Junior | Height: 6-2 ¾  | Weight: 224 | pSPARQ (Combine Percentile): 68.60


Love’s natural ball placement and excellent accuracy to all levels of the field is very impressive and he has made some absolutely stunning throws. Consistently makes all types of throws and hits receivers perfectly in stride consistently. Anticipation of defenders is very good as well. 

Thrives in off-script plays – can extend the play very well and often hits big shots down the field after stretching and stressing the defense with his feet. Poor receivers has meant he has learnt to throw into tight windows and not fear testing tight man coverage. Flashes of effective eye manipulation.

Love has an absolute cannon that allows him to easily push the ball into tight windows – he can make every NFL throw. Deep balls in particular are excellent, they are thrown on a rope and arrive with tremendous pace.

Has a good feel of when the pocket is collapsing and movement within the pocket is quick and without hesitation. Very willing to escape the pocket and scramble when he feels pressure manifesting. Love is a real dual-threat QB who has successfully done running packages. He has great speed for his size and runs tough.

Perhaps my favourite trait is his quick, fiery release. Love possesses a snappy, over the top release that enables the ball to come out of his hand with plenty of purpose. His passes have plenty of zip behind them as a result of quick wrist snaps and core strength behind it. Once he realizes where he wants to attack coverages, his motion is quick and compact. The added urgency behind the motion helps him throw the ball effortlessly to all three areas of the field with ease – it reminds me of a catcher throwing out a baserunner. This combined with his elite arm strength results in beautiful bullet passes with exceptional accuracy; but he also throws a nice touch pass that he’s able to layer in between defensive levels (very good at dropping a ball in between LB’s and Safeties).

His statistical regression in 2019 isn’t indicative of a regression in skills or decision making – he was just a victim of a poor supporting cast in many instances.


Poor post-snap reads and relying too much on favourable pre-snap reads have resulted in an alarming number of turnovers. Some of those can be attributed to lack of separation from his receivers though.

Sometimes relies too heavily on his first read and guides defenders to the ball on occasion.

Lower body mechanics can go out the window at times and result in decreased accuracy and power. However, his arm is usually sufficient in providing velocity.

Player Summary:

Jordan Love might have the highest upside of any quarterback in this class, but he still remains a raw, scrappy prospect. Love will need patience and must go to a team with a coaching staff able to nurture, develop and cater passing schemes to where he thrives. He isn’t quite a Day 1 plug and play QB but he’s a potential game-changing player.

Best Trait: Arm Strength | Worst Trait: Decision Making

Red Flags: None

Best Role/Scheme Fit: Dual Threat – Can not only pick apart a defense with his arm, but will also be relied on to make plays on the ground via QB runs.

Player Comparison: Colin Kaepernick

Final Grade: 85.1 | Round Grade: Round 1

QB Rank: QB-4 | Overall Rank: 28

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