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Jake Fromm Scouting Report

Jake Fromm, Quarterback, Georgia

Year: Junior | Height: 6-1 ⅞ | Weight: 219 | pSPARQ (Combine Percentile): 14.56


A very smart and young quarterback with a mature football processor for his age. Excellent at throwing outside the numbers – specifically back shoulder throws. Extremely good decision making, will hardly ever but the ball in harm’s way. Fromm has a very good understanding of pre/post snap reads and uses them effectively to make smart decisions.

Consistently goes through all his progressions when required and is good at analysing the entire field of play quick and efficiently. He isn’t afraid to take a hit and won’t panic under duress. Well composed under pressure and maintains his good ball security.

Seriously elite pocket presence and awareness, extremely good feel of pressure coming from all directions. His mobility is enough to slide up in the pocket but not to scramble – his 40 career rushing yards tell you he should be considered a pure pocket passer. He has excellent intangibles and is a proven leader and has amassed quite a resume at Georgia including 3 SEC Championships (one win), a Rose Bowl victory and a National Championship in just 3 years.


Accuracy is poor at all levels of the field, an alarming number of missed throws in every direction. Good, but not elite arm talent that will let him get away with some lazy throws in college but not at the next level. His good decision making does come at a cost of some deep plays down the field. Anticipation of moderate to deep throws isn’t quite on point. Arm strength isn’t that great, throws over 20 yards have a significant arc on and competent defenders get too many chances to attack the football.

Player Summary:

Jake Fromm will be a perfect fit for a NFL offense in need of stability, consistent decision-making and intelligent pre-snap work. However his physical traits and conservative nature of play certainly limit his upside. Fromm could make a serviceable starter in the NFL as a pure pocket passer but unfortunately most of his primary concerns (physical limitations) can’t be improved upon. Despite this, Fromm could definitely find success in the NFL as a pure pocket passer in a system where he is just asked to be a game-manager (a role in which he excels).

Best Trait: Football IQ | Worst Trait: Arm Strength

Red Flags: None

Best Role/Scheme Fit: Pocket Passer – Won’t make many plays at all with his feet, but instead relies on picking apart a defense with his arm.

Player Comparison: Jimmy Garoppolo

Final Grade: 79.5 | Round Grade: Round 2

QB Rank: QB-5 | Overall Rank: 52

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