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Jalen Hurts Scouting Report

Jalen Hurts, Quarterback, Oklahoma

Year: Senior | Height: 6-1 | Weight: 222 | pSPARQ (Combine Percentile): 96.00


Throws are generally accurate but don’t consistently make throws into tight windows. Has plenty of experience in big games and stays well composed under the brightest lights, thrives when the play breaks down and he is forced to make a play. Arm strength is very good, can make every throw asked of him and still maintains plenty of velocity on the run.

Pocket awareness is extremely good, has a very good feel of pressure coming from all directions and knows exactly when the pocket is collapsing and how to escape/scramble effectively. Hurts makes some electric plays with his feet and is suited for an offense with run packages.

Character and intangibles are impeccable, praised by all for his class during the 2018 season and will be a respected leader at the next level if given the chance.


Decision making is inconsistent, partly a result of his nature of play favouring extended plays leading to him making some desperate throws. Ball security as well has much to improve upon. Anticipation is alright, flashes nice touch throws but also has some horrendous timing on certain throws. Takes a very long time to move off his first read which leads to missed open receivers – this will need the most coaching at the next level.

Player Summary:

Alabama transfer Jalen Hurts finished his rollercoaster college career with a very solid year at Oklahoma culminating in being named a Heisman finalist. While he still has some clear weaknesses, his tremendous year after year improvement makes him a perfect Day 2 QB and projects best as a developmental starter in the NFL where his mobility, play-making ability and comfort on off-script plays can shine.

Best Trait: Mobility/Intangibles | Worst Trait: Progressions

Red Flags: None

Best Role/Scheme Fit: Scrambler – skillset is better off making plays on the ground and won’t be able to pick apart a defense solely with his arm.

Player Comparison: Taysom Hill

Final Grade: 76.3 | Round Grade: Round 3

QB Rank: QB-6 | Overall Rank: 70

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