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Jacob Eason Scouting Reports

Jacob Eason, Quarterback, Washington

Year: Redshirt Junior | Height: 6-5 ⅞ | Weight: 231 | pSPARQ (Combine Percentile): 27.57


Accuracy is generally quite good when given time to set up, leads his receiver to the ball and pushes it into spots defenders can’t attack. Processor is good, not great, he makes good decisions but often hesitates. Some beautiful spot throws on deep outs, slants, etc. – consistently hits receivers at the top of their routes.

Absolute cannon of an arm, can make any throw asked of him. Balls have lots of velocity and deep balls come out on a rope. His mobility is sufficient to escape the pocket but certainly not for designed runs or anything of that sort.


When he begins to pressure, his accuracy takes a big hit – mechanics seem to go out the window.

Rarely gets through all of his progressions, takes a VERY long time moving through his primary and secondary reads and this often leads to missing his checkdowns. In his biggest games, nerves do get to him and clearly make him hesitate more than usual.

Pocket presence leaves much to be desired, doesn’t seem to have a natural feel for pressure and movement within the pocket is poor.

Player Summary:

Jacob Eason flashes all the necessary traits to be a high-end starter in the NFL, it will just be a matter of if he can pull them all together or not. Working through his progressions seems to be his only major limiting factor but his arm talent makes him a very promising prospect. Given the right scheme where he can aggressively push the ball deep to take advantage of his monster arm, Eason could certainly find success at the next level.

Best Trait: Arm Strength | Worst Trait: Progressions

Red Flags: None

Best Role/Scheme Fit: Balanced – can improvise if need be in the pocket and make a few plays on his feet, but won’t have many designed QB runs.

Player Comparison: Matthew Stafford

Final Grade: 73.7 | Round Grade: Round 3

QB Rank: QB-7 | Overall Rank: 88

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