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CeeDee Lamb Scouting Report

CeeDee Lamb, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma

Year: Junior | Height: 6-1 ⅝ | Weight: 196 | pSPARQ (Combine Percentile): 68.24


Route running is very good at all levels of the field, brings a lot of nuance and finesse to the field. Has some of the best hands in recent memory, Is surprisingly good at 50/50 balls, has very few drops in career.

Lamb runs hard and aggressively like a running back, with beautiful cuts and excellent open-field vision. Quite versatile and was tested with lots of different defensive looks. Has shown a very large route tree and ability to perform these routes at an NFL level. Very good field awareness and can sense where the sidelines are relative to him. Has outstanding body control leading to elite change of direction skills. Blocking is quite good for someone of his size.

Finally, something that really pops on tape is his competitiveness – he loves to compete, when he makes a play he gets fired up and this energy is infectious to the rest of his team. When a negative play happens, you can see it doesn’t sit well with him.


Speed isn’t that great but is certainly sufficient for RAC opportunities, just not elite. Big 12 didn’t have many talented corners for him to deal so transitioning to the NFL may have some slight hiccups. His frame is very small and has a lot of room left to grow. However he plays well above his weight with just as much physicality as anyone.

Player Summary:

CeeDee Lamb is one of the most balanced receivers in recent memory and will make an immediate impact on an NFL roster. While he doesn’t have elite speed, his incredible body control, ball skills and hands make him one of the best prospects in this class with the upside to develop into one of the NFL’s best playmakers.

Best Trait: Balls Skills | Worst Trait: Vertical Speed

Best Role/Scheme Fit: X Receiver – has requisite strength to beat press coverage and be a threat on every level, usually the alpha receiver

Player Comparison: DeAndre Hopkins

Final Grade: 89.8 | Round Grade: Mid-First

WR Rank: WR-2 | Overall Rank: 8

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