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The Best in the Industry

Among hundreds of industry experts, Touchdown Squad’s betting picks ranked number one in both win rate and profitability. Our picks are informed with extensive research and backed by in-depth statistical analysis, delivering results at the top of the industry.

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Our Philosophy

At Touchdown Squad, we think sports betting should be about fun. People spend money on what makes them happy – books, clothes, streaming services – or if you’re like us… sports betting. 

Sports betting gives fans a chance to put their money where their mouth is and adds another dimension of entertainment to watching our favourite teams. In exchange for this entertainment, betting is designed for you to lose and if you play long enough, you will always lose money in the long run

That’s why we don’t claim to be smarter than the bookies or think we can beat them. What we can promise if you bet with us is you’ll make much more than the average bettor… and have a helluva lot more fun too. 

At Touchdown Squad, our goal is to provide overwhelming value.


We want this to show in both:

  • Providing users with well-informed game picks through 20+ hours of research each week; backed by a proven record of success to give as much value as possible for its price. 
  • Treating others with kindness and respect to help cultivate a community where these principles are at the core of how we interact.

While we are a service which profits off of the sports betting industry, Touchdown Squad acknowledges the devastating impact addictive behaviours such as gambling can have, and are committed to helping address this critical issue.


All services offered by Touchdown Squad require users to follow our Sports Betting Code of Conduct and have relevant support networks attached.

Touchdown Squad donates 10% of Revenue to Indigenous Causes around Australia

Sports Betting is a Hobby, Not a job

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Rankings for all scoring systems in both redraft and dynasty, always up to date.

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Picks from the #1 sports betting expert, as per BettingPros in 2021.

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Free annual NFL Draft Guide with analysis on over 300 prospects.

Anyone who wants a good Read...

Entertaining and informative opinion articles about stuff you should know about.

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